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Strategic Researches on Environmental Information Disclosure for Listed Companies

On 31st August 2018, agreed by State Council, The People’s Bank of China and 7 ministries including the Ministry of Finance co-published Guidelines for establishing the Green Financial System, the Guidelines include a series of policy incentives to support and incentivize green investment, and a further expansion plan for green finance development; for example, a launch of national-level green development fund, mandatory environmental performance disclosure and compulsory environmental pollution liability insurance system.


The Guidelines call for a gradual establishment for the mandatory environmental disclosure system for listed companies and bond issuers; strictly implement related information disclosure requirements for listed companies, which are categorized as key waste discharge units by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Under the request of the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental of the People’s Republic of China, CECEP Environmental Consulting Group develops A Technical Guide: Environmental Performance Disclosure for Listed Companies, drafting mandatory environmental disclosure guidelines for listed companies in China.


We will further strengthen the collaboration with China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental of the People’s Republic of China, help set up environmental disclosure rating system companies listed in Chinese stock market and analyze environmental performance disclosure progress to draft another set of technical guidelines for non-manufacturing industries, real estate developers, for example.

Environmental Information Disclosure Plan for Yangtze River Economic Belt 

Yangtze River Economic Belt is an important strategic area for economic development, as well as to build a safety net of China’s biodiversity. In July 2017, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China published an Environmental Protection Plan of the Yangtze River Economic Belt to set out some strategies for ecological protection and restoration in the Yangtze River area.


Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Water Resources and National Development and Reform Commission should establish environmental and ecological information disclosure system within Yangtze River Economic Belt mentioned in the Protection Plan. key corporates should publicly reveal environmental information which includes the pollutant discharge amount, and its elimination system. As a corporate in charge of pollutant management, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group collaborated with 11 provinces and cities along the Yangtze River, setting up a mandatory environmental information disclosure guideline for key pollutant unit and listed companies and requiring them to conduct third-party assurance. It is to unify environmental information and assurance platform, and thus to publish sustainability performance assessment report on a regular basis.

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