ESG New Era: Corporate Insights and Facts in China Market - A Research on Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Issues by HKGFA and CECEPEC

In response to today's severe economic, social, and governance challenges, 193 Member States of the United Nations unanimously adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, defining the global vision and priorities for sustainable development in 2030, and mobilising forces from governments, businesses and civil society to achieve these common goals.

For companies, as investors are becoming increasingly aware that corporate financial statements alone may not necessarily suffice in helping them to understand companies' access to capital, cost of capital, potential risks and the ways in which these risks are managed, an increasing number of investors and rating agencies are now taking actions to demand companies to integrate ESG into corporate governance and business operations. Meanwhile, regulators such as stock exchanges have also played a key role in enhancing market confidence and promoting ESG governance and disclosure. Listed companies are becoming more and more familiar with disclosing their ESG governance and related performance through ESG reporting.

With the accumulation of ESG integration experiences by investors, the enhancement of ESG regulatory requirements, and the extensive practice of corporate ESG reporting, listed companies are embracing various opportunities and challenges in the process of sustainable development at different stages. This report aims to help to achieve consensus among regulators, investors, and companies, to establish a solid foundation for better communication, and ultimately to better reflect companies' needs to the market and regulators, thereby further promoting green finance development in the region and facilitating ESG policy upgrading.

We hope that the findings and suggestions in this report will offer you good insights into the formulation and planning. Your feedback is greatly valued and appreciated.

  • Date:2019-09-23
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