CGBL Certification Training

CGBL Certification Training


China Green Building Label (CGBL) consists of seven indicators, including Land Saving and Outdoor Environment, Energy Saving and Energy Utilization, Water Saving and Water Resource Utilization, Material Saving and Material Resource Utilization, Indoor Environmental Quality, Construction Management and Operation Management. Each indicator includes prerequisite items and scoring items. CGBL also has bonus items (Promotion and Innovation), with 30 prerequisite items, the requirement of which shall be met, 108 scoring items and bonus items, and a maximum score of 110 points.


◆CGBL Introduction Overview  

◆CGBL Certification Cases                               

◆Land Saving and Outdoor Environment     

◆Energy Saving and Energy Utilization    

◆Water Saving and Water Resources Utilization          

◆Material Saving and Material Resources Utilization

◆Indoor Environmental Quality

◆Construction Management

◆Operation Management

◆Promotion and Innovation

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