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About GRI Standards and GRI Exam

The Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (hereinafter referred to as “GRI Guidelines”) was published by the Global Reporting Initiative (hereinafter referred to as “GRI), and is the most widely recognized & used sustainability reporting framework.

The GRI Guidelines are used by organizations around the world to communicate to stakeholders about their impacts on the economy, environment, and/or society. Using GRI Standards helps organizations to disclose this information in a consistent and comparable way. It also helps to promote greater transparency and accountability for organizations.


The GRI Standards, the latest GRI guideline, was officially launched on 19 Oct 2016 and will replace the previously existing set starting from 1 July 2018. The aim of the training course is to help reporters understand how to use the GRI Standards for their sustainability reporting process.


After going through the GRI Certified Standards Training Course, participants can take the GRI Exam which can demonstrate the participants’ knowledge of the GRI Standards and the GRI Reporting Process. Trainees who earn a passing score on the exam will receive a certificate denoting the result and their names will be listed on the GRI website. Only individuals who have attended at least one of the training courses are eligible to take the exam.

Our Qualification

We are one of the very few professionals in the market authorized by GRI to host the GRI Certified Standards Training Course in Mainland China.

Why Choose Us

Our experts have a deep understanding of the many internationally recognized sustainability reporting frameworks. Our clients and partners include national government agencies, industry associations, large-scale financial institutions at home and abroad. With our high-level capacity in this profession and high quality of services, we have earned the trust of our customers and partners.

  • Our trainers have rich working experience in this sector, including publishing sustainability reports for different industries locally and abroad; therefore, our trainers’ cumulative expertise will showcase through their course teaching.
  • We worked with the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Environmental Protection to draw up the ESG Guidelines for the Chinese A-share market, which shows our capability.
  • In addition to the essential course content, we will teach the trainees how to apply the GRI Standards framework content in improving the sustainability management process and performance of their enterprise.
  • We provide both public and private courses with different training modes to satisfy the needs of various enterprises.
  • The interactive nature of the training courses will enhance the trainees’ overall learning experience and consequently augment their knowledge.
We are committed to creating sustainable value for you!
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