“EnvAI is the first ESG software in the sector that is designed for listed companies in China, Hong
Key Features
Key Features
    • Accurate Measurement of KPIs
    • Comprehensive Emission
    • Factor Database
    • Diversified Data Analysis
    • Customized Dashboard
    • Customized KPI Configuration
    • Easy-to-use Mass Data Entry
    • Customized Report Template and ESG Materiality Assessment

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Main Functions
  • 01
    Sustainability Reporting
    After processing calculation and analysis of collected data, corporates can obtain a complete sustainability report through EnvAI’s report generation function.
  • 02
    Carbon Management
    EnvAI helps corporates record carbon footprint and perform carbon accounting, these help with the formulation of related carbon reduction plans.
  • 03
    EnvAI is regularly updated with the latest local regulatory disclosure requirements, which helps corporates to produce compliant sustainability reports.
  • 04
    ESG Risk Management
    EnvAI helps corporates to undertake continuous monitoring of data trends and to strengthen the accuracy of their operational strategy.
  • 05
    Industry Benchmarking
    With the data analysis functions, EnvAI helps corporates to draw comparisons within their organization and across the industry.
  • 06
    Subsidiary & Supply Chain ESG Date Management
    Through EnvAI, corporates can set up, allocate and manage sub-accounts, establishing a complete data collection system, centralizing the processes of collection and monitoring of subsidiaries and supply chain’s ESG data.
Why Choose EnvAI?
  • Experienced Professionals

  • Improve Confidence in ESG Management

  • Reduce Costs in Time and Manpower

  • Secure and Stable Cloud Server

  • Chinese and English Support

  • Refined Customer Support System

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