In response to climate change and accelerate the green transformation, China has promised to reach peak carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality targets. Companies also need to formulate relevant goals to support the realization of China's carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality commitments. The process of setting goals for companies involves the identification and quantification of GHG emissions, scenario analysis, emission forecasts, the allocation of target responsibilities among multiple entities, the technical feasibility of emission reduction, the analysis of changes in external influencing factors (such as the grid emission coefficient), the technical feasibility of negative emissions, the carbon neutrality cost calculation and other work, which are challenging for a company to complete all these tasks independently. Relying on the industrial clusters of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, CECEPEC formulates practical and feasible carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality plans for our customers.

·      Estimation of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions

·      Identification and quantification of Scope 3 emissions

·      Analysis of changes in external environment

·      Different target calculations in multiple scenarios

·      Analysis of future emission prediction and difference

·      Analysis of emission reduction technology and financial feasibility

·      Applicability analysis of carbon credit and assets

·      Feasibility analysis of internal, external and upstream emission reduction

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