Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is an integral part of the corporate development process and a tool that integrates the corporate strategy, its implementation plan and evaluation with economic, environmental and social impacts.

Through the sustainability reporting process, companies could manage their environmental and social performances through systematic measurement, enhance transparency and brand image, as well as address expectations from key stakeholders such as investors and business partners.

CECEPEC has been involved in the preparation of ESG reporting guide for Mainland Chinese market through supporting relevant ministries and regulatory bodies in research and industrial analysis. The sustainability report writing service includes preparation of all types of sustainability reports such as ESG Reports, CSR Reports and GRI Reports according to different reporting requirements or frameworks, which could fulfil market requirements from both A and H shares in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Sustainability Report Assurance

In today’s global economy, the general public demands high quality assurance for non-financial information in addition to assured or audited financial information. The reliability and accuracy of the sustainability data disclosure is of critical importance with its intensive use and references by the executive management, investors, rating agencies and analysts when making investment decisions.

ccordingly, companies are encouraged to invite a third party for assurance service on their corporate sustainability reports (e.g. ESG / CSR/ GRI Reports), which could provide impartial conclusions that demonstrate their reports have been prepared in an objective manner, that material topics have been disclosed, and that the report is complete and reliable.

AA1000 is the international assurance standard published by the AccountAbility for sustainability reporting. CECEPEC is an AA1000 certified service provider (licenced no: 259) that is licensed to provide sustainability report assurance service. CECEPEC has also been invited by AccountAbility for the AA1000 Assurance Principle 2018 translation work.

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