ESG Integration Service

ESG data services

We can provide investors with a variety of ESG data services and facilitate in assessing portfolios’ ESG performance effectively.

  • ESG risk assessment data

CECEPEC has developed an ESG quantitative evaluation model and database to assess ESG risks of Chinese listed companies. Currently, the database covers over 600 large-cap and high liquidity Chinese A-share companies (including major indices’ constituents) with ESG risk data dating back to 2015. All data have been collected from reliable and credible sources. This multi-levelled data can be flexibly used in different scenarios, including stock screening, index enhancement and financial product development.


In November 2019, CECEPEC signed a partnership agreement with Euronext Exchange Group on Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) data in Paris. ERA was independently developed by CECEPEC and is its first data product that provides new perspectives for investors to analyse Chinese A-share companies’ environmental risks.

Followed by the successful launch of ERA globally, social and governance risk data will be launched shortly.

ESG research services

We can help investors to understand companies’ ESG practices and risks that could bring financial impacts. Our ESG research services will provide a detailed ESG analysis report supported by data on key performance indicators for a given company. The research will assess stocks’ and bonds’ ESG practices and allow CECEPEC to provide clients with our recommendations in ESG investment.

Responsible investment strategy services

We can advise our clients on ESG integration within their investment processes through establishing and implementing responsible investment strategies. In order to meet client’s responsible investment goals, we can provide the following responsible investing strategy services: ESG risk and opportunity evaluation, responsible investing strategy formulation, Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS), portfolio screening and due diligence etc..

  • Responsible investment strategy formulation

Based on client’s requirements, we can assist in conducting ESG gap analysis and benchmarking, developing and enhancing ESG policy and management system as well as training and other related responsible investment strategies.

  • Establishment of ESMS

In accordance with relevant ESG standards and requirements, we help our clients establish a tailor-made ESMS for their investment process, which includes ESG policies, objectives and management procedures.

  • Conduct environmental and social due diligence (ESDD)

We can provide ESDD for our clients in accordance with ESG regulations and requirements, which includes desktop research and on-site risk assessment with corrective actions provided. So that companies can effectively assess and identify key ESG risks of investments.

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