Energy Management and Audit

Energy management and audit are important tools to reduce energy consumption. Through effective energy management, companies can identify areas for energy reduction, exploring more potential in energy saving, and achieve cost reduction. It also drives relevant production and operation departments to fulfil their responsibilities in energy saving, cultivating corporate culture that promotes environmental protection and showcasing a brand image of responsible business.

Based on the General Principle of Energy Audit on Industrial and Commercial Enterprise, Technical Guidelines of Energy Audit on Public Institutions and other national and international standards, CECEPEC provides auditing, monitoring, diagnosis and assessment services on corporates’ energy consumption efficiency, consumption level and economic benefits on energy usage, which enables the companies to explore their energy saving potential with feasible energy saving proposals and suggestions.

CECEPEC can assist in:

  • Conducting calculation on major energy consumption indicators
  • Benchmarking against the industrial average energy consumption to determine the current energy consumption level
  • Testing of related parameters and operating efficiency for main energy systems and equipments
  • Preparing energy management/audit report

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