Non-financial factors - Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) are making greater impacts on investment strategies, and in the context of growing demands from regulators and investors, ESG integration has become an essential investment strategy. With extensive sustainable investment and finance advisory experiences, CECEPEC Green Finance Department can provide a variety of ESG integration services to financial institutions and companies in identifying ESG related risks and opportunities within their investment process. We can provide the following solutions:

  • 增值服务
  • 主要服务
    • Financial Institutions:
    • 1. ESG Integration Service
    • (A.) ESG data services
    • • ESG risk assessment data
    • (B.) ESG research services
    • (C.) Responsible investment strategy services
    • • Responsible investment strategy formulation 
    • • Establishment of ESMS
    • • Conduct environmental and social due diligence (ESDD)
    • 2. Screening and Compliance Services
    • 3. Portfolio Analytics Services
    • 4. Corporate Engagement Services
    • 5. ESG Indices Services
    • 6. Sustainable Bond Third-party Verification
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