Sustainability Governance Structure Establishment and Improvement

Driven by international and domestic capital market demands, regulators’ requirements for governance information disclosures from listed companies are becoming increasingly stringent, in particular those related to corporate sustainability. CECEPEC has extensive professional consultancy experiences in sustainability governance and could assist companies to establish their sustainability governance structure based on specific needs and to embed the concept of sustainable development into day to day management system. CECEPEC also provides consultancy services for ESG risk assessment that help companies to develop their sustainability strategies and set goals, and at the same time, track, analyse and summarize the progress for these goals and targets for reporting to the board of directors on a regular basis.

CECEPEC provides:

  • Advices on sustainability governance
  • Advices on corporate ESG risk identification and management
  • ESG target setting and implementation plan
  • Review on ESG governance performance and target setting

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